Welcome to Arizona Frank Schlichting!! (Part 1)

Abandoned & Forgotten Places
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Welcome, and thank you for stopping by our silly channel!
Shot almost entirely in 4K! …so turn up those video settings!

On this channel we go deep… REALLY deep into abandoned tunnels and mines all throughout the western United States. We researched some of the harder to find mines and hike back into them to explore and reveal there hidden secrets. Some of these remote locations are filled with cool artifacts, antiques and unique geology that will have you guessing as to why the old prospectors worked so hard to find gold, silver and other minerals.

A&FP moves a bit slower. We discuss why the miners chose these sites and we try to point out the geology and minerals that got them excited. Veins of quartz filled with gold and silver made many men loose sleep in the 1800’s and early 1900’s and modern prospecting still does to this very day.

Dangers? Oh yes, there are allot of dangers associated with old mines. Un-exploded dynamite, blasting caps, bad air, bats, spiders and snakes all find there home in abandoned mines, shafts and tunnels. Oh, and let’s not forget rotting timbers, flooding and collapsing rock!

We take abandoned mine exploring seriously with all the proper safety equipment, training and experience necessary to do this activity as safe as possible but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of fun along the way. “Gly” and his band of crazy characters “Old Bob”, “Quackers” and “Bobbie” are sure to brighten your day with there comments and silly antics. Heck, they may even give you a chuckle or two.

Just like Saturday morning cartoons before the internet was invented, Abandoned and Forgotten Places uploads each Saturday at 6:00am PST (that’s 9:00am for you eastern folks) so don’t forget to click that bell icon to receive notifications of new episodes!

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Parents: We do our very best to keep our channel clean, friendly and entertaining. Rest assured, you don’t have to worry about bad four letter words on our channel. Well, there was that time “Gly” bruised his leg on a rock but we beeped that out.

Ok, now for the ugly stuff…

Abandoned mines and ruined structures have many hazards and can severely injure or even kill you. Do not attempt to copy or re-enact situations or scenarios seen in this video. Stay Out and Stay Alive.

This video and all commentary therein including comments by the viewer is for entertainment purposes only and not intended to be instructional.

Whew! You made it this far? Good for you!
Now enjoy the show!

18 Replies to “Welcome to Arizona Frank Schlichting!! (Part 1)”

  1. You guys were lucky. You seemingly encountered the dreaded Western Canadian Barking Spider! These creatures have been known to migrate as far South as Arizona during the Winter months. Dangerous as Hell! When disturbed, they emit a toxic gas that disorients the victim. I suspect you guys got a whiff of the gas, the way you were giggling when you exited the Western portal. In stronger doses, it’s been known to clear out an entire mine in mere minutes!

    1. Chris Ackerley I have learned first hand do not follow close behind frank keep ahead of him or 10-15 meters behind or you may slip on the guano

    2. Chris Ackerley Funny thing is when I say that phrase “Barking Spiders” people are looking at me like what? Nobody’s never heard of that terminology were I live @😂

  2. Good stuff guys pretty cool mine stay hydrated an as always be safe ( heard bats eat barking spiders 😂😂)

    1. Calvin Kilabuk-Clark
      “Gly”: I think it’s fun to watch Frank jump every time one flys past his head. Lol

  3. I have learned first hand do not follow close behind frank keep ahead of him or 10-15 meters behind or you may slip on the guano

    1. mike mcdaniel
      “Gly”: This episode (part 1 and 2) was a learning experience. We changed our strategy in documenting these places together and you’ll see that change beginning in episode 33 and especially in 34.

  4. wow so cool. glad to see frank made it out to Arizona. hope he had a good time. cant wait to see part 2. i just subscribed, i didnt know about your channel but it came up on my subscriptions list today i think maybe because im subscribed to franks channel. but awesome i have a lot of good videos to watch it looks like, this is glenna btw i will let mike know about your channel, he loves mine videos. were from the northernmost tip of west virginia and we have a lot of clay mines in the area. dont know if youve ever heard of homer laughlin china company, but its right down the road. this area was known for its pottery, and bricks because its mostly clay and shale here, which means the fracking boom has also hit us. theyre putting pipelines in everywhere. its a mess, theyre tearing up the roads and the state has to fix them which means that since were so far from the capitol that very little gets spent on our roads. also we used to have tons of coal mines a little further south, but a lot have been shut down. our town of weirton wv had a huge steel mill, and a lot of coal was used in the furnaces.. well the mill closed down forcing so many out of work, thousands of people. then in oh i say the past 6 or 7 years, they started shutting down the coal mines, forcing thousands more into poverty. when the mill shut down, the guys lost their pensions and everything. NOW ITS ALL TURNED TO FRACKING, AND IT SEEMS IF U LIVE HERE U CANT WORK HERE THEY SHIP U AROUND THE COUNTRY. YET LAST SUMMER AND THIS PAST SUMMER.. sorry didnt mean caps, but almost all of the frackers working here are from mexico. so they first sell our steel mill to china, who tears it down.. then source the fracking jobs to mexican laborers. im in no way prejudice, but dont you see something wrong with that picture? thats why we have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and our state is so poor. then you have the idgots in congress that wont pass marijuana ? spelling ?lol .. law. if they would legalize here and license people here to grow and distribute it, even if only for medical use, the revenue can help pave our roads and give some of our workers jobs. you know how hard it is for a 40 ish year old coal miner to have to work fast food for a living, and their boss is some kid. Its a shame. yeah i say legalize it and use the money for the roads, we can call it POTholes lol . well thanks for the videos. im going to go through and watch a few more before bed. great job! have a good day.

    1. Mike Jung
      “Gly”: Thanks for the great comment! Frank and I will be collaborating on mines from now until March and let me tell ya… some of the locations we’ve been jumping into are just awesome. We’re out to find the sketchiest mines in Arizona, the places where few would ever dare to venture into. I started my channel with a certain style but I’ll be changing that style somewhat beginning in episode 33 and I’m certain your going to really like it. Quality and production will be first rate with incredible audio and cinematic shots. Frank and I got together because we want to take abandoned mine exploring and documenting to the next level. So stay tuned because things are about to get really exciting!

  5. Wow, my 2 favourite mine explorers in the same place, get ready for mayhem lol. A really cool mine actually, it has so great ladders and apparently spiders that bark, doesn’t that make them Wolf Spiders as wolves bark hehehe. xx

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