We Found a 150 year old Abandoned Town Hidden in the Arizona Mountains.

This was probably my favorite place to explore ever. Hidden in the Arizona mountains sets Ruby, AZ the most well preserved ghost towns to exist.Also i hate that i must say this however the town was abandoned in the 40’s but it was founded over 150 years ago making a 200 + year old town. So before you comment understand that.

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17 Replies to “We Found a 150 year old Abandoned Town Hidden in the Arizona Mountains.”

  1. Just to clear up my mistake I had gotten my facts mixed up this town was founded in the 1870s and ended in 1940s sorry for the mixup.

    1. Drop a 1 gallon container of gasoline down the shaft and then drop a Molotov cocktail down the shaft behind it.

    2. +Nevetsreyd lmao I was about to say those roads are better than my city streets and they’ve been abandoned for 150 years…. Ya that ain’t it lol those roads are used on the regular.

    3. that’s awesome I would like to do what your doing back injury I’m a storm chaser was a truck driver 11years firefighter/emt like to explore to see things that I haven’t seen you’ll be safe

  2. Try a little slower on camera, makes us dizzy when ya can’t focus on what you are taping. Cool video neat pal e thanks for showing us around.

  3. the coolest part about this is the fact knowing all those buildings saw and was in the “wild west” if all those walls could talk…

  4. Hey, check the video out at 10:07! it sounded like a piano key being played. This Might even be a haunted town. What do you think?

    1. Well since ghost and spirits and after life’s don’t exist… ….no it’s not haunted. Thumbs down.

  5. This is the town of Ruby.. It’s somewhat of a park and requires an entrance fee to explore. It’s maintained thus why it isn’t tagged up or overly vandalized. While most people did leave in the 40s, it had residents up until the 80s.

    1. No. Haven’t you been reading the comments? It’s a haunted old mining town that’s super mysterious! Do your research and Google something would ya…..


  6. More video and less fade please, makes it hard to want to watch. I love the content but there is more fade than video in some segments.

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