USA Visa – How I Moved To America

I’ve been living in the States for over 2 years and it was my dream to move here after college. Want to know how I did it? In this video I tell you a bit more about my visa journey!

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18 Replies to “USA Visa – How I Moved To America”

    1. Life of Luba : Definitely Yes!!!!
      Like what work you do in airbnb, technology used, how you learned that languages used, etc

  1. I hope you are here to stay permanently eventually! Maybe your company can sponsor your green card.

  2. Расскажите на что снимаете? Покажите миним обзор своих девайсов для блога 🙂

  3. I got a bachelor degree from a US university, but would like to apply for a H1 visa. What hurdles do I have to overcome

  4. Hi, Luba! Wow, nice to hear that you are from Belarus! Me too) thanks for your channel and for sharing interesting information about your life.
    И немного по-белорусски: дзякую цябе за такi дзiуны канал)

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