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USA VISA | Instruction, your usa visa

visa usa #1 | step 1 online – how to fill correct ds160 form for tourist visa for usa ?

get approvel of us visa is so easy if you will be carefull in these 2 steps:

1. by filling correct DS-160.
2. well prepration for interview in us counslate.

i help my clients from last few years. during this i had help a hundred of my followers from diffrent cities and countries to get approved us visa, these visa applicant who had a lot of difficulities and refusal when they approch us , we had solved these problem .

in my videos you may submitt you us visa application by yourself without anybody support , as in my videos i had maximum guidline in any situation.

if you dont have time and unable to resolved the visa process and you want me to personally help and access your us visa application, it is also possible.

there are only two way to helpl you to get us visa:

1.consulatation. we will call.i wil explain and show the all instruction and recomendation which will help to approve your us visa application.
2. i will complete whole proces. i will help you on each step including prepration for interview. and will check the ds 160 form and will remove the information which maybe the reason of refusal for visa.

price 290$.chances to be approved us visa is about MAXIMUM.

if you had decided to get us visa process through our company then email me the step which suit you , and we will start the process for approval of us visa.

for detail email
in email subject you must mention that visa usa , consultation,or us visa process.

in message you write your full name, passport number, country, city, age, and duration of stay in usa. and purpose of your visit to usa,
our company dont offer immigration visa consultation.
you will get reply with in 48 hours, and in reply i will send you the detail of bank account, as soon we will recive fees. we will start the process and will have skype or whatsapp call.



1). you will pay visa fee, which is for B1/B2 is 160 us $

2)online visa application . for visa application link is

3) add foto in application . you must have foto 5×5 with you at the time of interview.

4) after completing the application you must print the confirmation and you will take this with you in embassy.

visa officer might ask you these questions :

1. prurpose of your visit?
2. who is travling with you?
3. your job?

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