USA SOCIAL SECURITY APPLICATION for K1 VISA holders | Tips and Requirments (LyndzyVLOGS)

Hey wassup FamiLYNDZY🤗

These are the list if documents needed for you SOCIAL SECURITY CARD APPLICATION

1. SS-5 form:
2. I-94 form:
3. Original copy of both Birth certificate & marriage certificate (if married)
4. Passport

That is it! Your all set! 🤗


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12 Replies to “USA SOCIAL SECURITY APPLICATION for K1 VISA holders | Tips and Requirments (LyndzyVLOGS)”

  1. congrats, sis! i just got here sa US more than a week ago thru k1 visa din. saang state kayo? kasi dito sa florida they require a SSN for marriage kaya baliktad naman yung process sa amin. i’m gonna have to get my SSN first then get married. i also vlog pala my life here in the US, sis. 🙂

  2. Once you adjusted to your permanent residence status you need to go back to your nearest Social Security office again to update it.

  3. Thank you sis. Super helpful tlga mga ganitong videos mo. Sana more vid na katulad din nito. Kasi malapit n din ako mag punta sa states

  4. This is very helpful. We appreciate your effort in making such a video like this.

    Much love.❤️

  5. Hi sis Lyndzy,,congrats ,I’m sure soon darating din yon para mka pg work ka dyan sis.God Bless U,😍😍😍

    1. LyndzyTIME okay salamat..kme din waiting prin till now….pro for sure next year mkkrting nrin xa dto…wlang ibng option kundi ang magwait lang

    2. Zoey Toby i-94 fill up mo lang ung passport number and name mo. Check description box nakadirect na ung link ko dun. Then print mo lang ung lalabas na doc

    3. Zoey Toby yes I received my MC 2weeks after marriage then nagfile na ako for AOS para sa greencard. Hinihintay ko parin under process tas kumuha na din ako ng nagapply na din ako ng social security ko. September lahat yan sis

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