US B1 B2 Visa Interview Questions if Have Relatives in USA

US B1 B2 Visa Interview frequently asked questions if you state that you have relatives in the United States.

I CANNOT guarantee that your US B1/B2 Visa application will be approved by watching this video. Getting a visa or not is at the sole discretion of the US Embassy consular officer who will interview you.

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    1. @Riukii thank you and glad you found the video informative. Do you have specific US Visa video topics you’d like for me to cover? Kindly share and I’m happy to research and post here. Cheers👊

  1. How about if you have a sister married to american there but been very very long time that you never communicate due to personal problems and no information about her anymore and you denied that you have a relative there , is there a way for them to know that?

    1. Hmmmmm….I’m not sure how to one would go about a situation whereby they’ve lied or whether the embassy guys are in a position to smoke you out. But it’s America baibe! They kinda seem to know everything. So you never know…. Anyhow, in the future though the best way to handle this is just to be honest about your sister and when they ask for her details just mention that you guys lost touch for personal reasons and you have no information about her. Plain and simple. Hope this helps☺️

  2. Evamtalii…your video is soo informative thanks to that…..but try not to touch your hair now and then…be composed and confident…

    1. Thank you @Joyce. I’m glad to learn that you found the video informative… on fidgeting with the hair, point noted thanks…standing infront of a camera is no joke my friend….we’re learning😋

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