Top 10 Reasons NOT to Move to Phoenix, Arizona

The Top 10 reasons You Should NOT move to Phoenix, Arizona and the worst things you NEED to know before moving to Scottsdale or Mesa!

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What’s it like living in Phoenix? Well it’s hot, just like the rest of Arizona. It’s also, along with Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe and other Phoenix Suburbs, one of the fastest growing cities in America. If so many people are moving to the Grand Canyon State, then why shouldn’t you live in Phoenix, AZ?

Thanks for watching From Here to There! This is one of my top ten videos where we explain things about the world, it’s history, and geography, starting with the different states, cities, and towns in the United States. Find out the worst and best places to live in 2019!

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26 Replies to “Top 10 Reasons NOT to Move to Phoenix, Arizona”

  1. What state / city should I cover next? P.S. I try to reply to as many comments as I can!
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    1. I think this video is very educational & very funny. It takes a lot research & editing to produce this video.

  2. Phoenix , Arizona is honestly a useless city. It does not serve any important economic function to the US overall. It’s not a financial center, media center, transportation, logistics, high tech, no water. Nothing except old people, drug addicts, mentally ill, criminals and golf. I used to live in Arizona and this video is dead on. I moved away from Arizona and never looked back! Living near Phoenix is pretty much the WORST!

  3. I get this video, it’s the bad parts of X city. But this video is way far off lol. I get it, look up articles and report it in video. The problem is that it’s summed at as a whole city instead of particular parts. I’d recommend for future videos to see if you can narrow it down a little more

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I know parts of the video are exaggerrated, but kinda wanted to encompass the metro area as a whole. I do really enjoy Tempe and Scottsdale though 🙂

      Hope you enjoy my other videos too!

  4. From here to there…….

    This is a joke. Phoenix is rad we have over 300 golf courses in Valley.

    Phoenix is safe if you stay away from the west side.

    Lol There is hardly any trucks in the valley

    There is always something to do and the streets aren’t “barren” at 11 at night.

    This video is 100% false

    1. @Buttdreads I don’t give a poo what your dumb statistics on the city’s website says. The city of Phoenix tells LIES! And they lie on their website the same as they can lie anywhere else. I unfortunately lived in PHX for 14 loooonnng years and saw it all and got to know Phoenix very well. Even the numerous shiddy areas. Even though I now live in a top tier US city (far superior than PHX could ever dream about), don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining. As the saying goes “statistics don’t lie but liars use statistics.” 2+2 is not 5!!!

    2. Darren Krock kid, you are very naïve. And have no clue what you are talking about

      Go to the city of Phoenix website and look up the statistics.

      Nuff said

    3. @Buttdreads South Phoenix IS like that and don’t try to convince people it isn’t. 2+2 does not = 5 !!

    4. Darren Krock actually I work with the city of Phoenix in community development. I have worked with the department since 2001.

      South Phoenix is not like that anymore, has A LOT of new homes, development, and schools

      The most dangerous area in the Phoenix metro area with the highest rate in crime is 19th av to 79th av in the blocks of McDowell to northern

      Trust me I make my rounds throughout the city 😉

    5. @Buttdreads dude. I lived in Phoenix from 2005-2019 and now live in a top tier US city. South Phoenix is an urban war zone. Drugs. Prostitutes. Drop houses. Violence. Illegal immigrants. Graffiti. Ghetto. Gangs. WTF are u talking about? Dude…I know PHX very well unfortunately. And the worst of the Valley is Central Phoenix from 36th St on the east to Baseline on the south to 67Ave on the west to Indian School in the north. Sounds like u don’t know PHX at all. Stop selling PHX and putting lipstick on a turd.

  5. All the cars and powerplants have sophisticated emission controls, so the whole “pollution” thing is bullshit.

  6. He’s not wrong this shit is ass, Mesa is so boring as a senior this year I feel like a retired snowbird with the only thing to do is go to the mall, and movies, and that gets old doing it every weekend

    1. Haha glad you enjoyed 🙂 But hey, maybe you’ll be able to go somewhere else you actually like SOON!
      I’ve got some other videos if you’d wanna check em out and see which places you might like

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