This Place is AMAZING! | Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Visiting the Grand Canyon is magical! So it the rest of Arizona. From Horseshoe Bend to Antelope Canyon, Arizona is one of the most naturally beautiful places in the United States. Subscribe for more:

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14 Replies to “This Place is AMAZING! | Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. There is nothing like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time!

  2. 265 million? 1.7 billion? The earth is only 5000 years old! How can a rock be 265 million old. She dumb

    1. +Taylor Shrum Excuse me sweetie but although the world may not be exactly 5,000 years old, it definetely isn’t millions of years old and surely is not billions. The earth is between 5,000 and 10,000 years old. Closer to 5000

  3. a new discoveries of this canyon said ….it was a long large network of tunnel for underground mining was a desert of treasure hunters long distance ago.soon after our mining corporations abandoned the facilities….the tunnel was known as Solomon’s mine and then the tunnel collapse, what a funny catastrophic .the story of weird grand canyon

  4. Beside the amazing canyon views- We loved the red rock slot canyons, lamas, rodeos and huge cactus while we were in Arizona. We travel fulltime around the USA and loved it also!

    1. It depends on which rim you’re talking about and what you consider “the best”. If you want a quieter/less busy time, winter is typically the best. If you are looking for the month with the best weather, summer at the South Rim and spring/fall at the West Rim is best. 🙂

  5. we doing mining and quaring a lot of gem stones. it’s an illegal company which operate nearly 1000 years there. primitive
    satanic technology because the authority government can’t track the activities even the radar can’t. our hard progress is
    for a wealthy corporation.

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