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A couple weeks ago me and some friends made our way up to one of my new favorite places in Arizona…Fossil Creek! There’s various places to hike, but the main trail leads to an incredible waterfall. Here’s a little recap of our trip. Hope you guys Enjoy! Shot/Edited: Cade Herbolsheimer Drone Shots: Morgan Ryan My […]

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The Abandoned Casa Grande Domes of Arizona

Today I explored the abandoned Casa Grande Domes located in Arizona. These domes were constructed in 1982 and immediately were left abandoned mid-build. Some say the location is haunted due to the strange noise phenomenon that occurs inside the domes. The eerie echoes of the wind and footsteps inside made for an odd and creepy […]

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AZ Wonders YouTube Channel Trailer | Amazing plants, places & people of Arizona

Come explore the amazing plants, places and people of Arizona. This is just a sample of the types of content you’ll get when you subscribe to the AZ Wonders channel on YouTube. Highlights: Desert Mountains Wildlife Grand Canyon Waterfalls Springs Rivers Tons more pics, tips and write ups at azwonders.com

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