Retirement Destination San Juan, Puerto Rico — USA Citizens Don’t Need Visa

San Juan is a a federal territory of the United States which makes this place an attractive destination for US retirees and expats. The advantages are it is so close to the US, you don’t need to deal with retirement visas, there is tropical weather, beautiful scenery, beaches and cities. If you have never visited Puerto Rico you should consider it. Everyone also speaks very good English and the place is pretty laid back, no hassles.

13 Replies to “Retirement Destination San Juan, Puerto Rico — USA Citizens Don’t Need Visa”

    1. That is probably nice neighborhoods but the country has a living standard comparable to first world nations. Didn’t get a chance to sample much of the food.

  1. its more expensive in puerto rico american currency doesnt take you far boring,,- its better in dominican

    1. Not anymore, for my viewers check out this guys videos if you want to see the nightlife, he also has lots of videos in Colombia and Cuba.

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