OTPWR Sedona, Arizona – Dead Horse Ranch SP – Cottonwood – Cathedral Rock Trail – Bathroom Door Mod

For this week’s episode, we decided that we’d had enough of typical RV parks for a while, so we ventured slightly off the beaten path and into the Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood, Arizona. Our goal was a decent proximity to the town we love so much, Sedona. Dead Horse Ranch turned out to be exactly what we were looking for. It was the first time we were without sewer hookups, but did have water and electric. Things were very quiet and we were plenty pleased to witness the lunar eclipse from here with its dark skies an bright stars. Jen and the kids took plenty of drives up to Sedona for some sight seeing in town and some trail hikes in the gorgeous surroundings. Midweek Travis got a chance to hit the mountain bike trails straight from the RV which is always welcome. It was great to get the heart beating and pedals turning. When work wrapped up on Friday afternoon, we all made our way back to Sedona to hike the slightly strenuous Cathedral Rock Trail. Although fairly busy, this is definitely one to put on your hiking list while in the area. Saturday left us driving back to the Phoenix area so we could be close to Sky Harbor airport to fly Jen and the kids back to Colorado for some maintenance on some braces. We’ve always loved this area of Arizona and shall forever keep it on our short lit of places to play!

Also in this episode, we do something about our RV bathroom door lock. Our rig came with a sliding door between the bathroom and master bedroom that had no way of locking. So, we installed one that has been working very well.

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13 Replies to “OTPWR Sedona, Arizona – Dead Horse Ranch SP – Cottonwood – Cathedral Rock Trail – Bathroom Door Mod”

  1. I keep forgetting how beautiful that area is. So far I’ve managed to get both mom and dad up to Cathedral Rock. Now to work on my siblings.

    1. Thanks. The drone has been fun to learn new videography skills on. I enjoy the different perspective it can provide you guys. Hint: Some great sunset sand dune shots coming up on a future episode.

  2. What happened with Hagrid? Blown tire caused that much trouble?
    Sedona is a gorgeous looking place.

    1. Yep. Well at least this time it’s not related to the engine! A little bang bang and paint should fix Hagrid up. 🙂

    2. +Oh the Places We’ll Roll Wow. that’s crazy. Hagrid always has to do something big, doesn’t he? Can’t break something small and cheap to fix. Nooo…😎😀

    3. Hagrid threw a tread and yes, it caused $3000 worth of damage. It hit with such force that it even bent the pickup bed up on the inside. We have an appointment to get it fixed in Colorado off in the future.

    1. We’d love to do one. Start posting questions in our comment sections and we’ll compile and answer in the future. Thanks.

  3. So glad your family is safe. Enjoy yourselves and keep teaching us and your kids amazing things.

    1. Thanks for kind words. Floods, SWAT teams and poor cell coverage are in future episodes. Still having fun though!

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