Living in Arizona: Desert Dweller Debz Vlogs

Welcome to my channel! My name is Deb and my channel is pretty much about anything Arizona, Travel and Adventure. When I first started on YouTube, I made the video “Living in Arizona” out of boredom and because at the time there were NO VIDEOS showcasing what it’s like to live here! Anyway, then people requested more videos so here we are today! (More AZ Vloggers have emerged since then!)

Here on my channel, I will showcase places in Arizona I like to visit and also discover new ones. I am married to my best friend and together we have 3 kids.

Born in Paris, France to Congolese parents, I now live in Goodyear, AZ. (I also lived in Texas for 15 yrs) before moving to AZ in 2013!

14 Replies to “Living in Arizona: Desert Dweller Debz Vlogs”

  1. cool thanks for getting back. are they pretty aggressive or not so much .. and how is buckeye is it really far from phoenix ? Thanks

  2. Desert Dweller DebzΒ have a question about living in Arizona. How many scorpions have you seen? and over what time period? Thanks so much

    1. Justin Rego haha I get it. It was in our previous home. We did not have pest control at the time so that is why!

    2. any in your house or just out and about? thanks for getting back to me looking at moving down there and really really don’t like scorpions.

  3. Great intro video. Not many videos about Arizona. I have a channel also and since I just moved here I am thinking about doing videos also. What camera and editing program do you use? Would be great if you had any pointers to offer, would also love it if you checked out my chanel as well. If you do a meet and greet I’m in lol. Thanks for allowing us to spend the day with you πŸ˜€m

  4. luv ur videos..I currently live in Brooklyn NY and am going to retire early and move to Sun City AZ in abt 2 years. I cannot wait.

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