Jordyn Wieber (USA) Balance Beam Start Value 2011 Visa

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19 Replies to “Jordyn Wieber (USA) Balance Beam Start Value 2011 Visa”

  1. I never understood why they didn’t just do a bhs+back tuck 1/1. or just leave it as a standing back tuck 1/1.

    1. Simple reason, it’s much more risky as a rebounding connection. Wieber was a power gymnast, so a tuck full from a standing wasn’t so hard ( the fact she was doing it at the end of the routine just proves that). They wanted the 2 advantages: the safest way to land the skill, but also the connection bonus.
      It turned out very badly in London, since she didn’t get the cv she was hoping for, loosing 0.5 which would have been crucial for her to advance in the AA…

    1. +Sophie Douglas moved to Chow’s in late 2010. So her beam style isn’t Chow’s, ( unlike Johnson, or Flatley) that’s all I’m saying.
      Anyway, let’s say YES, you’re right, Wieber beam is a mix of Johnson and Liukin. It’s still a mix of very popular skills and combos, that worked really well with the COP at that time.

    2. +Sophie to me Douglas isn’t a “Chow gymnast” the way Johnson was ( or Norah Flatley for example). Shawn trained with Chow from the beginning, everything from her on beam screams Chinese gymnastics. Gabby trained only few years with him, so her style is very different, very American. Chow did a great job with her, but he didn’t shaped her entire way of working beam. So I never thought of Douglas as Johnson’s teammate in that sense…

    1. +VIPShirlee03 not all her events scored well, UB was her weakness ( almost cost her the American Cup and world AA 2011), they should have worked on that ( swing, hs, the bail, her low Tkachev).
      Taking out the front walkover and the bhs that were supposed to be connected and never were would have already improve her score ( because she would have hit it cold if it was isolated). Add the Johnson 1/2 and there you go.

    2. VIPShirlee03 Trust me I know. I’m still not over it. They took a world beam medal worthy routine. (Jordyn won bronze in 2011) Too not even making beam finals. It was also a factor in her not making AA final. They should have left it alone. She went from scoring 15+ nearly every-time. Too not hitting 15.

    3. +cyrielle _ unfortunately when 2012 rolled around, it was too late for a routine re-construction anyways. Probably Jordyn and her coach didn’t bother because all her other events were solid/ scored well individually and in the AA program

    4. +VIPShirlee03 or just see that it wasn’t working, at pac Rim, visa, and every camp she had, heading up to London. They could have made other upgrades like this Johnson 1/2. Honestly, she could even have done a bhs+ tuck full and hit it, if she had trained it early, she was a great beamer.

    5. +cyrielle _ probably want to make the routine “unique” and stand out. He should’ve studied the Code Of Points more

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