How To Get USA Visa From Northern Cyprus

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i am a PhD Student of Northern Cyprus. I am here for last 5 year and working as a part time lecturer for last 2 year. I experienced 99.8 % of students enter in northern Cyprus with wrong information and they find their self trapped in Northern Cyprus. So in my study /work visa channel i will provide you all information of study visa in northern Cyprus , how to apply for study visa , processing time of study visa and how to apply from you home country ( India). in this video i will provide you all paper work information for study visa from India , how to make file for study visa and where to submit you file in Indian and how to this video i will give information of work visa of northern Cyprus ,exact amount for work visa,share the experience of real work visa and processing time. i will provide you all information of part time work , how much you earn from your part time work , is it easy to find? and can we move to other countries from northern Cyprus.