How Safe is Arizona? | Living in Arizona

People want to know how safe is Arizona? What are the safe parts of Phoenix and all across Arizona? Also what are the dangerous places in Arizona?

Living in Arizona is quite a unique experience because of the vastness that the state offers. From the Sonoran Desert in the south to the high country in the north all the way up towards the Four Corners east and the Grand Canyon in the west. Known as the Grand Canyon state, Arizona is diverse in many ways. The state tree is the Palo Verde, the state cactus is the Saguaro, the state bird is the Cactus wren. If you are thinking about moving to Arizona feel free to subscribe and check us out on our other channels.


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  1. Could you please do a video for people who are thinking of moving to AZ for college such as myself?

  2. Please do a “drive around” in surprise az specifically Marley park we are moving to surprise from Colorado in the next couple months. And can’t afford to fly out and check it out. I have lived in Scottsdale and Phoenix years ago so I am familiar with az in general. Thank you! Love your videos very informative/helpful 😁❤️

  3. Hey man, loving the content. Read a few recent articles concerning teen suicide rates in the east valley and some calling it an “epidemic”. I thought this was strange being only the east valley, maybe you can do a video talking about this important subject and maybe compare to other areas etc. Sorry for the downer topic, but I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate this sort of video especially those with kids looking to relocate to the east valley. Thanks again

    1. I have been hearing about this also. It appears as though this is also a National problem. I will look into it more.

  4. My wife and i are going to phoenix for vacation and i was wondering what activities there are or things to do that are fun ?thanks

  5. Is It possibile to maybe do an historical overview of crime in Phoenix (from the mafia to the Mexican mafia) or about Phoenix ghettos? Just something I’m personally into

  6. I’ve lived in St. Louis for 28 years. If you avoid the bad parts of town you’ll be fine. It’s all hype

  7. Many of the dangerous places are closer to the border according to the research that I conducted several years ago. There are some really great safe places, but the cost of living goes increases.

  8. Arizona is definitely safe I been all over from Phoenix (West) (North) (East)Paradise Valley Scottsdale Tucson Fountain Hills Chandler Etc AZ is chill

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