F1 F2 J1 J2 visa explained. Student Visa types for the USA. Am I eligible to work on F1 or F2 ?

What are F1,F2, J1, J2 visas and what are the differences among them? Learn everything you need to know when you are applying for a student visa in the USA.
Chris Larkin
International Student Advisor
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA
Chris explained the following most common questions from international students
▶ Can an international student do a part-time job on F1 Visa?
▶ Can F1 visa holder work off campus?
▶Can F2 work?
▶ Can spouse/children of the student eligible to work on F2 visa?
▶ Is J1 visa holder eligible to work?
▶ Is J2 visa holder eligible to work?
▶ What are the restrictions on J1 and J2 visa
▶ What is the difference between F1 and J2
▶ What is the difference between F2 and J2
▶ What are the restrictions on part-time job for F1?
▶ Can F2 study?

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