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Retirement Destination San Juan, Puerto Rico — USA Citizens Don’t Need Visa

San Juan is a a federal territory of the United States which makes this place an attractive destination for US retirees and expats. The advantages are it is so close to the US, you don’t need to deal with retirement visas, there is tropical weather, beautiful scenery, beaches and cities. If you have never visited […]

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The Abandoned Casa Grande Domes of Arizona

Today I explored the abandoned Casa Grande Domes located in Arizona. These domes were constructed in 1982 and immediately were left abandoned mid-build. Some say the location is haunted due to the strange noise phenomenon that occurs inside the domes. The eerie echoes of the wind and footsteps inside made for an odd and creepy […]

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Exploring Arizona: Abandoned Places, Graveyards and Dust Devils

Join me on this little adventure as I cruise the 4×4 back roads of Arizona checking out many abandoned places like old mines, graveyards and home sites. This is the last video of Arizona trip. So thirsty 😉

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