ARIZONA – Over 40 inches in some places – “EPIC Weather Event” (1080p)

February 21, 2019: ~Sky Phenomenon/Weather Phenomenon~


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12 Replies to “ARIZONA – Over 40 inches in some places – “EPIC Weather Event” (1080p)”

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    Be Brave~ Be Strong~ Be Wise

    1. MrMBB333 I saw stars during dieing and orange fire balls on in off and all the way around was a sunset…I didn’t get all that but got pics and video…Do u want them can u explain the thumprint and all the stuff I caught on film…My phone acting out but I would like to send them before they get deleted out my phone.

    2. MrMBB333 Please go to my channel and download my video and do ur thing….God is awesome

  2. great video from the best channel on utube. people this is just a normal winter. no big deal just keep going to work and,pay your high water power and cable bills and your huge property and income taxes. thank you and keep up the good work

  3. Hello MrMBB from wonderful raining Bandon Oregon USA .. it’s raining so much it’s an atmospheric river

  4. Here in SLC Utah we get the fake curtain formations all of the time. It’s been happening for about a year. Natural? Um No.

  5. We have an atmospheric retention of water problem and its gonna get worse, Prepare also sea water is seaping into Colorado etc… because theinside of earth is changing it can come up through the ground. Im gonna buy a raft no joke lol The Heavens are shaking and its affecting the earth and the whole solar system, Christ is my Saviour He is my refuge my fortress from the great shaking and storm that is coming, I seek to do the Father’s will walking in love and truth with my fellow man spreading the Good News, The Gospel of Peace so others come to know the love of the Father He has revealed to me and that our flesh is corrupt and this world and all the worldly system, they will perish but we are spirit and I want to walk in the spirit of God through Christ Jesus of Nazareth that set us free from sin and death, Hell and the grave, not walk in the spirit of this world or the spirits that work in it, which is not of God and will ultimately perish. Dont let all that is coming upset you and think that God doesnt love you, He does so deeply that if He doesnt shake us to our knees we will be devoured by this darkness in the world and be lost, The Lord has sent me several visions and dreams that are starting to happen and through those things He saved me from the darkness I was in, Give your life completely over to Christ so He may set you free from sin, death, hell and the grave and hide you under His wing from what is coming upon the world quicker than we know. God bless you all and keep you in Jesus Christ of Nazareth☝👑❤💜❤

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