Arizona Haunted House Teaser

This is raw footage of our first visit into this bedroom of a friend’s haunted house, there’s no captions (later) but if you put your headphones on you WILL hear what the spirits are saying back to me (and AT me), you may need to amplify the video (they whisper some). Future videos will have captions and will be amplified. There are at least a dozen orbs flying around, the spirits told us there are sixteen stuck in this house. The A/C wasn’t on, no fans and there’s no dust or bugs blowing around – those are multiple orbs flying about. The room was completely dark, I used my iPhone XR to record this. We have recorded a LOT of ASTOUNDING footage in this house, we’ll get it out there asap.

Company is over in this video so there is some background noise occasionally plus the TV is on in the other room. These spirits are verbally brutal to me but I saw and heard nothing except some brief flashes of tiny lights. This was not planned, it was a spur of the moment thing just to see what was going on at this home. We’ve since found a LOT. Now we have many names of the spirits and have identified two we know who either died in the house or across the street.

Our new Facebook Group page is called “Haunted Arizona,” ( ) friend us and join the group if you’re interested in the paranormal and haunted places in Arizona. Web page is also coming at and we’re on Instagram and Twitter. We have just created these sites so very little content so far but that will change before long, please be patient.