Arizona: 5 Little Places to Camp for Free!

I’ve done several full length videos on Boondocking Arizona, but here’s a collection of some of those little spots some people might have missed. Plus an update on one that is gone forever!

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8 Replies to “Arizona: 5 Little Places to Camp for Free!”

  1. I am thoroughly enjoying your video production style. Thanks for cracking me up while being very informative.

  2. Another enjoyable video! Stay out of the snow please and stay warm with us here in Arizona. OMG! That fry bread looked scrumptious and now I’m starving for one! You know, you need a dog with you on these wonderful trips. They love exploring while being your best friend. Think about it. 🤔 Until next time…Happy Trails to you.
    Helen 👣 & Shelby🐾🐾

  3. Thanks for showing your Boondocking areas in AZ!  They are beautiful!   You do such a great job at trick photography!

  4. Wonderful video. Love the humour. I am so cold I have my house toque on. The dessert warms me up. Thank you

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