Affordable Arizona Cities That Are Safe and Relaxing Like Sedona

For those of you looking for affordable Arizona cities, you may consider some safe alternatives to Sedona like Prescott, Flagstaff, Gilbert, Chandler and or Oro Valley. These are Arizona cities that are affordable but also offer high standard of living costs.

Living in Arizona is quite a unique experience because of the vastness that the state offers. From the Sonoran Desert in the south to the high country in the north all the way up towards the Four Corners east and the Grand Canyon in the west. Known as the Grand Canyon state, Arizona is diverse in many ways. The state tree is the Palo Verde, the state cactus is the Saguaro, the state bird is the Cactus wren. If you are thinking about moving to Arizona feel free to subscribe and check us out on our other channels.


10 Replies to “Affordable Arizona Cities That Are Safe and Relaxing Like Sedona”

  1. Hello! Perhaps I’m going to move to Douglas, AZ to work at the border. It’ really good money and question is…is it safe? Can I live in a nice place there? I’ve seen Sierra Vista and it seems like a nicer place but is 1 hr away. Thanks

  2. Thanks πŸ™πŸ» for using my ? One of my customers just told me Prescott was nice too one of their relatives just moved there . I’m looking for future retirement place that is cheaper than where I currently reside .

  3. Can you give feedback on areas close to the south border for safe places to live that offers good entertainment and education for children. Is Yuma, AZ one of those places? Also common/high paying jobs

    1. Make sure you leave any liberal beliefs there if you have any because if you bring them AZ will become a shit state like California

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