aesthetic places in gilbert, arizona w/ Colleen Park!!!

Welcome back to my channel! This video is for my Gilbert gals, y’all know what’s up!! Anyways, Colleen and I show you around the most aesthetic places in our area! It’s difficult to find these types of places around here, but if you enjoy give it a thumbs up and comment if I should find more places like these! Don’t forget, if you like seeing my face in your feed, subscribe! also, THANKS FOR 100 SUBS!!!!!

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22 Replies to “aesthetic places in gilbert, arizona w/ Colleen Park!!!”

  1. so crazy that you live in gilbert! I live in tucson and am gonna be moving up to tempe to go to asu this fall! I love finding youtubers from the same state as me!

    1. @Gabby DelCorso I’m doing business with a concentration in sustainability and will be a freshman this fall! Wbu?

  2. first off such a cute video idea! second, i love your personality & editing style! thirdly, just subscribed ✨

  3. omg I love this video!! I just subbed & would love it if we could support each other! I’m a small youtuber as well (:

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