Driving through Jerome Arizona. It was a ghost town! Not any more.

I’ve started a GoFundMe page To help with expenses. If you are able to and would like to help please go to GoFundMe.com and click on the search icon and type Deb’s creepy and abandoned places. when that comes up click on it and it will take you to my page. Or use the link below.



    1. I think there are cc available on my videos. St least the ones that are being uploaded for now on. I did some studying on you tube creaters channel and since Im at my cousin’s Right now I could use my laptop which lets me do more things toy videos as far as adding different things. I have been practicing my editing skills. So I hope the closed captioning will help you when watching my future videos. I want to thank you for your support and I will do my best to make watching my videos a pleasure.

    2. How do I do that? Don’t I have to have a 1000 subscribers to do that? My cousin got me to start a go fund me account. I ha e had a 10.00 donation there. It’s traveling the USA Deb’s creepy and abandoned. I believe that’s how you find it . I signed up and told my story but I’m not sure yet how to get the word out except on Facebook. It makes feel kind of weird like I’m begging. But my cousin said it doesn’t hurt to ask.

    3. Thanks Deb. Everything just takes getting familiar with.
      You should add a Patreon account to get some cash help.

    4. I haven’t learned how to do that yet. I’ve been really busy lately. But that is one of my top priority.

  1. Hey Deb that’s really cool I like the Mini Mart and I like those beautiful autumn colors in the surrounding background and I don’t know if it’s the sunlight but it doesn’t chill me as much as some of the other ones which are a bit more haunting also it might be because it reminded me of a friendly general store where I used to buy Penny Candy in Littlestown Maryland the name of the Mini Mart was called Moffets. But that mini Mart was not ever torn down nor did I ever get a haunted feeling from it but the farm house we lived in was definitely haunted.I remember looking out of the skeleton key hole down the top of the stairs..muyh room and seeing two old Victorian dressed people dancing at the bottom of the stairs I wasn’t scared or anything but it was when no one would walk on them the floors, that it would Creek. It used to be an Old Tavern so everything I saw in the spirit realm added up! It really was Spooky. Especially cuz as a kid our minds can run so wild now I have much more reason in control and Faith definitely have to have faith. Peace and love I’m your friend Jen

    1. +Sundry Girl I’ve heard a lot about jersey 😈 that should be a good one. Yeah i was like that till i got old 😁

    2. DEBS CREEPY AND ABANDONED PLACES I just did a video on the Jersey Devil and I was freaked out I’ll upload soon as I can yes she is fearless I agree charity I used to be but too many experiences LOL left me with the shivers πŸ’“

    1. I know it doesn’t look to have been made real sturdy. I’m not sure if a person had seen how it was built they would have ever shopped there back when it was open. Maybe that’s one reason it didn’t work out for that business.

  2. Are all those buildings abandoned if so I’d have a hey day making videos there this place is fantastic πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. No just a couple it used to be a ghost town. Now it a tourist trap full of arts and shops restaurants it is pretty cool but no where to park unless you park way up above and take the shuttle. I wasn’t comfortable with leaving Tinkerbell in the motorhome. In fact that was the first place I was able to pull over in the motorhome.

    1. Have you been there or did you see something that helped you figure it out. I wouldn’t know unless it said in big letters repair shop! LOL! really love it when you share your knowledge with me. I really appreciate you!

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