Again found another abandoned house in Parker Arizona. Couldn’t get in. I filmed the outside.
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  1. Hi Deb awesome find left a likeπŸ˜πŸ˜€, hard to say I’d think it was a house with French doors but things are never as they seem..

    1. Thank you so much! Those side doors are what messed with my thinking of house or business. Never know. Either way it’s a loss to someone and I think that’s sad.

  2. Very nice area. I loooove the desert area, climate. Ran around nevada last year and it looks somewhat similar.

    1. DEBS CREEPY AND ABANDONED PLACES a very free lifestyle πŸ–€
      Love your sense of real life adventures. Happy & SAFE Exploring πŸƒ

    2. Thank you for watching. I’m hanging out here in Nevada, Arizona, California and I might get to Texas or New Mexico I’m not sure. My motto is I just go and explore places I’m driving until I’m broke. Then I upload those videos through out the time I’m parked camping some where for free. Usually BLM land or national Forest Land. I also do rest stops ,side of the road if it looks safe and truck stops oh almost forgot Wal-Mart’s. Those are where I stay pretty much while filming. I want to get more organized and find a place to camp in an area and stay there for like three to four days and film then move on to where the road leads me. Cause being by myself I start getting stir crazy and want to go after about a week. But the way I’ve been doing it I’m filming nonstop for the first week, week and a half and I have to find a place e to camp till I have more money to move on. I have to make sure I have a tank of gas for warming up the rig at night and to charge my batteries, food and money for propane and dumping my tanks. Then I sit work on my channel and make a few videos about where I’m at if good connection catch up on others videos possibly do a live stream or two. Thank you for coming to my channel and checking it out.

    1. Ok I do think safety first. Thank you so much for caring. Makes me feel good knowing even though I’m all alone that in a way I’m not alone. Sometimes it does get a bit lonely out here on the road with just Tinkerbell to talk to. Then I read the comments and it’s people like you who help me feel less lonely. Don’t get me wrong I just feel really lonely sometimes. Most of the time I’m so busy putting up my videos and making the videos and answer all of you guys comments that I don’t have time to be lovely. Maybe it’s the time of year it is. Thank you for caring!

    2. I know you know sooner or later I’m going to run into a real person. It’s bound to happen. I just hope I handle as well as I did in Troutdale Oregon. Ran into a homeless woman one time off camera and she actually invited me to where they feed the homeless on Fridays. She said she would save me a place if I came. I thanked her and told her I probably wouldn’t be able to make it. And thanked her. All was well with the world! Thank you so much Sam for watching!

  3. Isn’t it odd how some houses are open to the world and others are closed up like fortresses? Thanks.

    1. I know it’s crazy. I want to get in them so bad. But there are ones like this and the Dairy Queen that are locked up tight. No entry! Bums me out. But I still want to document them all that I can. Because they all have a story to tell. Whether or not we know what happened or we just know that something happened to cause it to no longer be in use. Thank you as always for watching my videos Larry!

    1. Yes alot of abandoned buildings out this side of the country. It is really kind of sad!

  4. Look like the buildings on that property were recently abandoned. Shame you couldn’t get inside a building. Interesting though.

    1. It kills me when I can’t get in. It is my exploring rule to not break in or to take anything. I think those are Important rules to follow.
      I’m going in if I can find a way in that is unlocked or open. Those are my favorite.

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