15 Top Tourist Attractions in Arizona

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15 Top Tourist Attractions in Arizona: Antelope Canyon at Page, Bisbee, Canyon De Chelly National Monument, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Grand Canyon, Heard Museum, Havasu Falls, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Montezuma Castle, Sedona, Petrified Forest National Park, Monument Valley, Saguaro National Park, Tumacacori National Historical Park

6 Replies to “15 Top Tourist Attractions in Arizona”

  1. Yes those are great tourist attractions but I’m a local and I don’t go where the terrorist go I go to the nice places

  2. ALSO >> The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum outside of Tucson, Old Tucson Movie Studios, Colossal Cave, the town of Tombstone, the Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show in Tucson every year, and for aviation-history buffs, the Pima Air Museum in Tucson.

  3. come visit as a tourist but beware the entire state has been taken over by mormons, who only take care of themselves
    check out legislature , senate , medical board BAR nursing board, auditor gnerals office the court , the judges the HOAS , the lawyers, if you havent studied what they are taught and their ways, look it up . THey ONLY rule in another mormons favor !! very corrupt Yuma is the worst, but they are all over the state, mesa gilbert, just warning because most of the people who live in AZ do not realize just how bad they are !!

    1. Really! I’ve been here 22 years in Arizona and have never heard of anybody talking about Mormons in Arizona you’re full of shit. But that’s fine the more people we keep out a Arizona the better it will be including keeping out Mormons Muslims and anybody else that doesn’t fit into the old western movie characters

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