10-Year INDIAN VISA : Price Hike, More Docs Reqd AUG 2018 (USA)

CKGS (Indian Visa):

Indian Embassy, USA (DC):

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17 Replies to “10-Year INDIAN VISA : Price Hike, More Docs Reqd AUG 2018 (USA)”

  1. I’ve travelled to and lived in India several times in my life. I am excited for you. It is absolutely a life changing experience. I am sure you have heard “peel it, boil it, or forget it”. I recommend bringing garlic pearls, and grapefruit extract take each daily for microbe protection of your gut and health. Blessings for following your spirit and for sharing it. Would love a video re how you will handle health insurance and mail forwarding, property management etc while away. Peace!!!

  2. Congratulations Will! That is great news for you! Iā€™m happy you will get to explore new places.

    1. You also have to send back your passport to the gov for a renewal. I miss all my old stamps. šŸ˜£šŸ˜£

  3. Amazing country. Buy a scooter or a Royal Enfield and visit everywhere you can.
    Goa is full of tourists but still worth a visit.
    Haggle over everything or you’ll get ripped off!!!

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