Author: Albert Wright

Exploring Arizona: Abandoned Places, Graveyards and Dust Devils

Join me on this little adventure as I cruise the 4×4 back roads of Arizona checking out many abandoned places like old mines, graveyards and home sites. This is the last video of Arizona trip. So thirsty 😉

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Travel – One Journey – Many Places: California-Arizona loop (2018)

In this movie: * Soviet submarine B-39 * The deepest diving submarine – USS Dolphin * The US longest-serving aircraft carrier-Midway * The 200-inch (5.1-meter) Hale Telescope * California desert, sand dunes * Giant Saguaro Cactuses * Tucson Military Aircraft Boneyards * Indian Ruins – Montezuma Castle and Well * The city of red rock […]

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Roosevelt Row, Downtown Phoenix, AZ | Places To Visit in Phoenix, Arizona

Today’s location: Roosevelt Row in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona! The Roosevelt Arts District is nationally known for its arts and cultural events with many murals, restaurants and artistic graffiti throughout that area of downtown. One of the many cool places to go in Phoenix! If you’re considering moving to and living in Phoenix AZ and want […]

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